msp workshops

A complete system

MSP teaches you how all aspects of the system interrelate and affect one another. These include the importance of movement, meditation, breath, mindfulness and attitude, nutrition, good sleep, communication, and connection with others to your overall well being.

By teaching you a simple system that creates unique results, you will learn to release the “holding patterns” you have acquired over your lifetime. By coordinating new skills with your breath, meditation, sound, rhythm, visualization, and movement, you’ll shift into a comfortable state of relaxed function and energized clarity. Eventually, you will move from conscious practice to unconscious competence, integrating these skills into your daily life activities and to more positively influencing with the world around you.

foundation workshop

The Foundation Workshop is the keystone and entry point to the MSP workshop series.

It is structured as a progressive series of modules which give students an experiential overview of the parts of the MSP system and philosophy. While each module interweaves with the others into a coherent and synergistic whole, individually each one by itself can be productive of results.

The modules in the beginning Foundation Workshop build on each other and integrate as they are sequenced and include:  mindset/philosophy; self-awareness and self-regulation; deeper explorations in meditation; visualization; sound; light; rhythm; awareness of structure; breath techniques; functional movement; communication skills; nutrition; integrating grief and loss.

Who is the foundation workshop for?

Veterans, corporate workers, athletes, people seeking growth and personal progress for stress management, a clear/calm mind, inner peace, and those who want to create their own self-care tool kit

It can be taken in a 3-day intensive format or one module at a time

Foundation - Module 1

3 hours - Mindset and philosophy; movement with breath awareness; using music, pulse, rhythm; beginning meditations; short set hatha yoga ; longer meditation/mindfulness for awareness

Foundation - Module 2

3 hours - Mindset; movement with increasing awareness; hatha yoga; breath work; meditations; mindful 61 points

Foundation - Module 3

3 hours - Expanded practice in mindset; hatha yoga for meditation, breath practice, deeper med; awareness in moving hinges and alignment; 61 points/Yoga Nidra development; body language and Functional Movement #1

Foundation - Module 5

3 hours - Class work builds on and advances the skills learned in prior modules

Foundation - Module 7

3 hours- Managing and integrating stress/harassment experience and skills for prevention and moving forward

Foundation - Module 4

3 hours - Continuing meditation, mindfulness, breath, hatha yoga, advanced heart-centered Yoga Nidra; philosophy; body language and Functional Movement #2

Foundation - Module 9

1.5 hours - Wrap up, “after” photos, review, discuss, clarify at-home program, plan "what’s next”

Athletes & Performance Artists

Class is customized and specific for these groups. There is focus on breath, release of holding patterns, development of fluidity, visualization, and recovery.

Workplace Wellness

MSP core practices for developing a clearer, sharper mind; reducing anxiety; better sleep; confident performance; and self care to maintain one’s center and balance.


Prevention and building a confident lifestyle; for military and civilians, all genders; anxiety and stress reduction; moving with confidence from a solid center with awakened body language.


Specifically focused Foundation Workshop for Veterans. Learn it/share it.  

Veterans & Their Families

Offers a deeper dive into the modules for communication and intentional listening, plan for community involvement and creating a volunteer group.

Foundation - Module 6

3 hours - Communication skills. Nutrition for balance

Foundation - Module 8

3 hours- Managing and integrating grief and loss and moving on

more workshops

Once you've completed the Foundation Workshop, you may progress to our other workshops.

Mentoring for Structural Therapists

Broaden and deepen your skill level

The work itself of structural practitioners asks us to improve ourselves and our abilities. Learn greater perspective and application to offer more to your clients while increasing your own level of awareness and skills. Whether you're in your early years of your practice or your're working at advanced levels, it's likely you might have blind spots or simply have never thought of approaching certain situations from new perspectives. The collegiality of the class, regardless of style, is richly supporting in community.

who is it for?

Personal Security Awareness Training

For everyday life, work and travel

It's no secret that trouble can come from any direction these days. Learn how to be aware, prepared, and what actions to take that can be most helpful towards keeping you safe. Taught by a life-long security professional who keeps our country, businesses, families, and individuals safe, there is critical information here for you to build your security awareness mindset.

who is it for?

MSP Movement Education

Discover your holding patterns that work against you and learn to release them.

Integrate productive ways of using your movement to rebuild you rather than break you down. It is a progressive series of lessons that builds alignment and optimizes body use and how we shape space with our movement. Students will bring work-specific situations for solutions. You will develop ease and fluidity in motion and stillness.

who is it for?

For those who actively use their bodies for work, athletics, performance, and are involved in repetitive motion situations. Body therapists who want to protect their own bodies as well as to increase their skills and then teach their clients to stabilize and increase their gains from structural work.

Integrated and Continuing Yoga Movement

Yoga Therapy

Learn how to lift, lengthen, return to mobility in held areas, manage structural pain, and apply Foundation techniques for release of holding patterns for breath and visualization.

who is it for?

For all demographics.

MSP Breath Integration

Advanced Breath, Meditation, & Movement

Build more techniques into your practice for self-regulation and healing.

who is it for?

For everyone; yogic development; mental sharpness; concentrating and using prana/the body-mind’s natural energy for wellness.

Body Language

Discover the benefits of deeper levels of body language information.

Interpret the mental, emotional, and physical signatures and messages people transmit.

who is it for?

For teachers, employers, therapists, health professionals, HR departments, attorneys, those back in the dating world, all professionals, and for travel security and workplace environment.

Vibrant Aging

Sharpen your intellect and learn techniques for maintaining energy as you age.

Rejuvenate with deep sleep, clarity of mind, ageless attitude, flexibility, and create a lifelong program of all of the MSP courses specifically tailored for this mature group; use of sound, rhythm, visualization for healing.

who is it for?

For students over the age of 50 who want to fine tune their energy and rejuvenate.

Our Brilliant Brains

Rejuvenate your brain.

Meditation, breath, visualization, movement and all of the core MSP practices taken to the next level with focus on brain activity, neuroplasticity, and capacity.

who is it for?

Students seeking sharpened intellect and restoring neuroplasticity.

Horses as Teachers

Movement, intention, feel, timing, and balance.

The language of the horse is the language of movement, leadership training. This workshop fosters learning situational awareness and effective management of one’s own subtle cues and body language.

who is it for?

This workshop is recommended for students of movement and leadership.


Learn to teach the MSP system as a stand-alone business or to add value to an existing business

MSP provides a virtual toolkit of skills for everyone to use on their own or in community/class formats, and it is a system that can be easily taught to other professionals as well.

who is it for?

Teachers, therapists, trainers. When offered as a part of an existing practice (athletic/dance/martial arts/yoga studios; physiotherapist/psychotherapist/occupational therapist/medical and holistic practices), clients can be more broadly benefitted.