MSP is a training program based on ancient wisdom restructured for modern people

Our mission at MSP is to provide you with the experience and tools for personal wellbeing through meditation, mindfulness, breath, movement, and more. Our unique transformative process integrates techniques that support neuroplasticity, mental clarity, self-healing processes, tranquility, and a return to emotional, psychological, and physical equilibrium.

Our broader goal and vision is to place skills and tools for self-reliance into the hands of the individuals who will take responsibility for their part in overall wellness and better partnership with their physicians and therapists. We advocate cultivating a prevention mindset and skills for self-realization and self-maintenance, restoring vitality and energy. Instruction is given through projects designed to help you build these skills.

what's a movement signature?
What is a movement signature?

Each of us has a characteristic "movement signature” that defines us, makes us recognizable at a distance, and literally embodies our state of being. Through it we project our physical manifestation outwards in our presentation of ourselves to the world around us.

It is the collection of patterns we use to communicate with the world and how they are unconsciously transmitted. These include our accumulated work and play activity patterns, injuries, attitudes, and even our thinking and emotional patterns. These then become driven by the nervous system, representing its expression and form a communication system that tells our unique story to others.

finding balance

The human body in its natural state is organized around a single, vertical vector: balanced, upright, composed, responsive, breathing freely.  Balance, however, is not static; it is less a state of being than it is a system of being. Equilibrium and homeostasis aren’t fixed points, but rather points to be moved through. The greater the balance, the briefer the arc. All movement signatures express some phase state of that system as our bodies shift and adjust, attempting to maintain their integrity and propel us gently forward through our lives.

Walking, for example, is a system of controlled releasing forward and rebalancing, something we learn through bumps and tumbles as toddlers. These shifts and adjustments are myriad, reflecting emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual states that we may or may not be aware of.

feeling stuck in self-lock?

Over time, we can become like a piano that is “stuck” on one note, and we convey the same “style” or message about ourselves. We may feel as though we are not making any movement at all or find ourselves locked into cycles of self-sabotage. This may be the result of injury, stress, attitudes, illness or other variables that lodge themselves in our bodies, creating holding patterns in physicality, breath, and mind.

finding release

MSP aims to teach you how to identify these states and work through or with them to move forward. Returning to our piano analogy, the ideal is to exchange your “stuckness” or “holding patterns” for “release” or “letting go” so that you may use the entire keyboard for expression, avoiding repetitive strain issues on your body, and living more fully in your heart and mind.  In the process, the brain’s communication through the neural pathways of the body’s structures creates a healthy two-way feedback loop.

The result is a letting go into inner peace, deeper sleep, decreased anxiety, clearer thought, self-referencing, and restoration into a freer, more joyful, confident, and expressive way. This release opens the door to better communication, improved well-being, richer relationships, greater clarity.

our workshops

At MSP, we teach you how to reconcile, balance, and free your external and internal signatures and unlearn counterproductive patterns to achieve your potential in a novel way.

You will recognize some parts of the program as being mindfulness and meditation training, breath awareness techniques, hatha yoga/stretching, movement training, and more. However, these are all carefully woven together and taught in a way that uniquely creates results that none alone achieves.

We promote creating a mindset that encompasses care of the whole person: exercise, nutrition, relaxation and stress-release, sharpening the intellect, laughter, community and volunteerism, and a positive philosophy.

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